Adopting a dog, particularly a rescue, can be a very rewarding gift for both you and your family that will affect all for many years to come. It's a process full of emotional highs and  sometimes lows coupled with the joyous work of finding that special companion that's right for you.


Before going through our process, there are some things we want you to think about.


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  • Before You Adopt
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Before You Adopt A Dog

Please take a moment and ask yourself a few heartfelt questions.



  • Have you considered the extra costs of taking care of a new dog?


The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has cost guidelines on their website as well as other animal advocate websites, such as PetFinder, Pet Education or Animal Help Now. Search for 'Cost of Owning a Dog' in these sites (they move stuff around). While the cost of ownership isn’t free, the love that dogs have for their human family is priceless.



  • Imagine your daily life with a new dog in it, can you see your pet fitting in?
  • Are you willing to take the time to play and/or train your new dog?
  • If you are working, how many hours per day will he/she be left alone?



  • How old and how many other family members in your household?
  • Have all family members talked about adopting a rescue together?
  • Do they all buy-in to having a new pet?
  • Say a grandparent lives in your house, are they good with a new family member?
  • Do you have other dogs or cats already in your family?  Are they old?
  • How will your other pets react to and accept a new dog into their family?



  • Who will be the primary caregiver of the dog?
  • Who will feed him/her?  Who will walk him/her? Who will play with him/her?
  • Do you know who will care for your dog while you're away from home, say on vacation or work related, or in an emergency, should you be away from your dog for an extended period of time?
  • Are you prepared to keep and care for the dog for its entire lifetime?
  • Do you have a veterinarian lined up for regular checkups and care?
  • Do you know where your local animal emergency centers are located?



  • Check if your neighborhood is dog-friendly, for walking, playing and socializing.
  • Have you checked to make sure that you are able to have a dog where you live? For example, consider if you are living in an apartment or rental home.


Personality Match-Up.

  • Choose a dog with an energy level equal to or lower than your own.  For instance, are you a power walker or do you just enjoy a nice stroll around your neighborhood?
  • Choose a dog with the physicality that you can handle.



  • Have you asked yourself, why do I really want a canine companion?
  • Avoid making an emotional decision when selecting a dog.  We know this is tough!
  • Lastly, enjoy the process of finding that special dog meant just for you!





Things You Should Know About HLSPCA



Highland Lakes SPCA is a 501(c)(3) subcategory D20 Animal Welfare nonprofit organization.


Why do we disclose this?  Because all legitimate nonprofits have to report their revenues and expenses to the IRS; yes, we file a nonprofit tax filing to the U.S. government yearly.  It’s a lot of work, but in reality it’s a really good thing in that all our information is publicly available, as it should be, for your information and for your protection.  Good nonprofits do such good work for so many good causes. We highly recommend that when you transact with any nonprofit, that you check out that they tout these technical credentials, in their specific wording of their organization. Unfortunately in the reality of our harsh world there are unscrupulous 'nonprofits' who misrepresent themselves and it is misleading to the public, and it gives a bad face to the good guys.


HLSPCA has been operating since 1999 to serve the communities of the Central Texas Hill Country, in Burnet, Bastrop, Travis, Llano, and Hays counties. We intake homeless dogs from area local shelters, from Austin, Georgetown and all the way west to Llano county and as far east as Gonzales county, and everywhere in between.  We accept owner surrendered dogs.


We are a "No-Kill" dog rescue organization.  What does our "No-Kill" policy mean?  Once a dog is accepted into our program, they will never be euthanized for space or inconvenience reasons.  Unless there are medical or behavioral issues that develop deeming a dog unadoptable (which for behavior has never happened, knock on wood), dogs will stay in our shelter until they find their forever homes.   We are very proud to say that in our 17 year history, we have only once had to euthanize an animal for a medical condition, discovered shortly after admission and under the supervision and recommendation of a licensed veterinarian.


If in the first few weeks of ownership, for some reason things are not working out at the dog's new home and the owner feels they cannot go forward with the relationship, we want you to call us first.  We work hard in our process to ensure that the people-to-pup match-up is solid, but unexpected situations happen, life happens.  We want you to call us to see if we can work out a solution.  We don’t want folks giving up an HLSPCA dog back to animal control. We’re here to help.  Maybe it's just you need more information about your new pup's history. Together we feel confident we can work out a solution which is best for you and the dog.  Call us, call us first.




How We Deliver Our Mission to YOU


At HLSPCA, we regularly go out into our canine rescue community and hand-pick our dogs for admission into our organization.  We do our best to ensure healthy, adoptable dogs by providing that they are all spayed/neutered, with all medical needs covered in vaccinations, heartworm protection and microchipping. We assess the dog's temperament for adoptability before we bring them into HLSPCA; we then  work with our dogs daily to socialize them with humans and other dogs in a supportive and loving environment.  We are a "No-Kill" canine rescue; no dog will ever be euthanized for capricious reasons of space or inconvenience.  We work tirelessly to make sure our adoptions are rock solid; but if for unseen reasons the match-up is not working out within that first year, we support a return policy during that first month.  We do not want any of our rescues going back to animal control, we want them back.  Even if it's longer than one year, Contact Us, so we can visit with you and the dog to determine the best course of action for all.  We can help.


Our dogs live active daily schedules.  Our kennel facility is used for nighttime sleeping and protection and climate control during inclement weather.  During daytime hours the dogs run and play in open, large outdoor pens usually in the company of one to two other dogs which are complete with shelters, sandboxes, watering troughs, feeding kennels and toys, where they can socialize and play.  We have extensive walking trails on our property and most of our larger as well as smaller dogs are leash-walked twice daily by staff and volunteers.  Playtimes, basic obedience training and human interaction with our volunteers happens on a daily and ongoing basis.


We feel we have developed a complete, rehabilitative environment for our dogs where all of their medical, behavioral and social needs are met in order to deliver to you a life-long companion that will make the both of you very happy.  Our commitment to "No-Kill" is steadfast; our love for these animals is effortless.











What Our Fees Cover

All of our dogs are spay/neutered.  All are examined by a licensed veterinarian in our quarantine area over a quarantine period, before they are permitted into our 'general population'.   All this for the health and safety of all people and pups.  They are checked regularly by our veterinarian technician, and if we suspect anything amiss, we never hesitate to have our veterinarian see them.  Some dogs require minor veterinarian care upon admission.  For all dogs, the adoption fee also includes up-to-date parvo/distemper series (up to series of three immunizations, depending on the length of time we have had the pet), de-worming, flea treatment, heartworm test and/or heartworm preventative treatment, and rabies immunization. In compliance with Texas law, all our dogs are microchipped.




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