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You can input a range from $5 to $2000.  We set the minimum limit because transaction fees make the final amount very small. The upper limit is to protect you and to ensure no input errors were made. Should you want to donate more than $2000, please send us a check or call us, we would be so very happy to talk to you!

About PayPaL Fees...

Payment processors charge account owners a fee for each transaction.  As a non-profit, PayPal gives us a fee discount.  We are disclosing them to you for your consideration of an added donation to defray these costs to us. THANK YOU for this consideration!


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WAIT! Thinking about making this a Monthly donation? Well that is a very big deal to us, please click on the Highland Hero Society link and we'll tell you why recurring donations are so very important to us at HLSPCA.

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Join our cause to save homeless dogs in  Central Texas.

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Highland Lakes SPCA

P.O. Box 1275

Marble Falls, Texas 78654

Well, that's easy..we like 'em!  The service is easy to use, a lot of folks use them to protect their credit/debit card information.  And that's a very important reason why we like them as well: security.  They hide all your very private information: YOU manage your account, YOU enter your card information and YOU keep your security credentials up to date.  If you join our Highland Hero Society, through PayPal, you can change your recurring donation: raise up (hooray!), raise down (oh dear) or discontinue (oh NO!) the subscription.

With that one click on the DONATE NOW you go directly to PayPal's gateway to complete your gift.

We think these are pretty dog-gone good reasons for your financial safety and security.


After clicking the DONATE NOW button, you will be redirected to the PayPal Gateway.


*Remember, you can still use your Credit Card with PayPal, even if you don't have a PayPal account!


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