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Simple Steps To Adopt A Dog:

How To Adopt A Dog

  • Look Us Over
  • Application
  • Come Visit A Dog
  • Look Us Over
  • Come Visit A Dog
  • Application
  • Come and Get 'Em!
  • After Adoption
  • Come and Get 'Em!

This is easy, just look at our Available Dogs and find one that sparks your interest, or maybe there's a couple, but you can't decide.  You then could check our Calendar to see where we will be in the community and when.  You might consider coming out and visiting us at one of these sites.


At these locations, you can visit with us and the dogs. We however, do NOT do onsite adoptions. Over the years we have found this to be a pretty darn good policy with benefits to both the potential adopter and the dog.  We want you to go home and think about it; we don't want anybody making a quick, emotional decision.  You need to think about a few things, see Before You Adopt, talk it over with your family. Sleep on it. We will be here the next day, and so will the dog.  When you look back on this experience and in the long run, you'll be glad you did. You did the right thing by giving measured consideration for a very big decision.



Come Visit A Dog: The Meet & Greet

If you were able to visit us and our dogs at one of the public meeting sites, and you're feeling pretty sure about a dog, we require that you come out and visit us, for a one on one session: the Meet & Greet. And, if you haven’t actually seen a dog in person at one of the Adoption sites, but you’re still interested in a pup, give us a call, you will still need to do a Meet & Greet.


In preparation, we’re gonna chat a bit, then schedule a visit to come out to the shelter for the Meet & Greet. We're pretty much here all the time, but we try to keep business hours. However, we'll work with you on scheduling the  Meet & Greet that works best for you. We would like you to be feeling pretty good about a dog, because this will take some efforts on both our parts to get setup. But please know, we are still so happy to have you come out for a visit and meet one, or maybe more of our Available Dogs.


It’s at this time that you might want to take a look at our Application, be thinking about it, look it over.  You could go ahead and fill one out and bring it with you, or email it to our Kennel Manager in advance.  (See Contact Us for more information.)  It can save a lot of time to have the application already filed with us, but it's not absolutely mandatory for the Meet & Greet.


Full disclosure!  Occasionally we’ve had more than one family interested in a dog, and we’ll definitely let you know, but the dutifulness of getting the application submitted to us can make the difference.


During the Meet & Greet you can expect to spend some quality time with just your family and the perspective dog.  We prefer and encourage interested adopters to bring along their current pet(s) and any family members to experience first hand how everybody gets along. We have a meeting room and a large fenced area to allow all to get to know each other.


You should know that our primary goal is to place our dogs in suitable and loving "forever" homes. Because we feel so strongly about our mission, HLSPCA reserves the right to screen prospective adopters, their home environment and request veterinarian references to ensure suitability.


From the Meet & Greet, you're gonna walk away in 1) love-love, eureka! I knew it all along! 2) feels like love, but I need to think it over with my own 4- and 2-legged family 3) undecided or 4) nope, not so much today.  In any of these cases, take whatever time you need to think it over.  We're not here to hurry you along, we want this relationship to be as solid as a rock.  We're thinking of both you and the dog.




If you haven't already, you might want apply online using our Application.  We want to be sure, you want to be sure, the dog wants to be sure, we all want to be sure.  We want to be sure that your are sure.  So, please take a few minutes to get it filled out.  We have the highest, best intentions for all parties involved.  We take this application very seriously; it is not busy work.  Did we say we wanted to be sure?  We like to review the application for a few days to give it our complete attention.


Again, you can bring the application to the Meet & Greet or email it to our Kennel Manager in advance. See Contact Us for more information.


Come and Get 'Em! Adoption Day!

This is one HAPPY DAY!  Everybody, including the honored adoptee, feels the excitement in the air. When you are united with your new family member, we will hand off to you a set of important documentation about your dog's social and medical history and microchip information.  Whether HLSPCA microchipped your dog using a chip from Avid, or if they came to us already microchipped with another provider, such as Home Again, we will work together to transfer the microchip credentials to you.  All this information you will need to retain and also pass onto your own veterinarian.  We will also provide you with a small bag of the food your dog has been eating so you can gradually transition them onto their new diet.


We recommend that this first trip home in your car have a quiet atmosphere, without extra distractions from small children and pets, who sometimes do not take too well to a new four-legged stranger in their car.  If you must travel with children and/or other pets, strongly recommend a crate container for that first ride, until everybody gets better acquainted.


All set! Then you and your new family member drive happily off into the sunset, and we will post you and him/her on our HLSPCA Facebook page.  If you are going to change your dog's name let us know and we'll make the change on our adoption page.  By all means, keep in touch!  We love to get pictures of our adopted dogs well after they have been adopted, kind of like a child growing up, we always enjoy hearing how they are doing.


After Adoption

From a few days to a week, you will also be receiving in the regular mail another packet, with some of the previous information from Adoption day repeated, but with additional information, coupons packages from the good folks at PetSmart and PETCO, referrals for vets, and other goodies you might find interesting.  When there's a quiet time, please go over all the information you've received from us to get is all properly sorted out.  We want all the adoption information transferred completely to you, their new parent.


Now comes the transition time for your family and your new dog.  Usually this goes off without a hitch and sometimes it can takes weeks if not months to find the rhythms of your new life together.  It's a time of love, joy, ups and downs and surprises.  It's a time to remember that if this dog is new to you, well everything about their new home is all new to them.


Sometimes the getting-use-to-us time is troublesome. Many have written about the DOs and DONTs of assimilating a rescue into your home, and you can search online for guidance. Some write about maintaining pack order, not being overly affectionate, opinions on kennel training. We know about these methods, but we honestly cannot absolutely recommend a specific strategy.  We find the best course is to give 'assimilation' around a week or so and then assess how things are going, if there's an abrupt change in behavior, either aggressive or lethargic, if you find yourself wondering what's happened to the cute little fur ball I fell in love with.  Call us, call us sooner than later.  We can help with those initial 'rough patches'.  Sometimes it's just talking things through on the phone, after all, we probably had your pup longer than you have and we definitely have insight into their personality and history. Maybe further steps are needed, but we can figure it out together.


Call or Contact Us. We're here, you're not alone, and we care.





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