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  • 05/17 Volunteers
  • 11/17 Maddie's Fund

       In the Fall of 2016, HLSPCA started a new program called “SPONSOR A SPAY/NUETER” launched from this website,  The program sought funding from donors to fund the single, most important action we can take as a society to prevent the overpopulation of dogs and cats, spay/neuter surgery.  These sponsored services would be offered beyond our shelter to our neighbors’ pets in our community who can ill-afford this life-saving surgery.   We feel that no one should be denied the unconditional love that a pet can offer due to financial burden.   HLSPCA echoed the theme from national animal welfare groups such as Best Friends Animal Society and Maddie’s Fund of Keeping Pets and People Together, Forever, so no one  would be compelled to surrender their pet to shelters like us because they cannot afford their medical care.  We worked with our local, low-cost spay neuter clinic, PetPALS,  to provide the medical services of surgery and vaccinations.


       Many of you responded and we were indeed grateful.  Many neighbors in our community applied for help after the funds were used up.  We found that by the time we did secure funding, our applicants left us and no longer responded to repeated emails. Sometimes it’s hard to admit that you need help.  Many of our applicants were elderly, on SNAP, or lower income households.  So we turned to Maddie’s Fund in February 2017, and made a case that if we were pre-funded to provide Spay/Neuter surgeries we would not loose our applicants and be ready to approve and move on to schedule the surgery.  HLSPCA asked for $1,000, which we felt based up on our short history, would carry us through one year of the program.


        Maddie’s Fund responded and awarded us a $5,000 grant for our Sponsored Spay/Neuter in May of 2017.  We did a poster campaign in the Highland Lakes area of Marble Falls, Burnet, Granite Shoals and Spicewood.  By July applications started coming in. And then on August 17-24 Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas Coast and many pets from the disaster were pouring into Central Texas; pets furloughed from families, surrendered, lost and abandoned.  We then asked Maddie’s Fund for an extension of the grant to help these pets from Hurricane Harvey, not only to receive Spay/Neuter but also medical aid.  In a heartbeat, Maddie’s Fund said, “yes.”


       HLSPCA worked with like-minded non-profits, for-profit businesses and veterinary partners to help these animals.  We exhausted the $5,000 grant monies in a record 4 months.  Working with PAWS Shelter of Kyle, AtoZ Dog Ranch, and Paleface Vet, HSLPCA funded medical care to 24 Hurricane Harvey dogs in our region.  Supporting the original intent of the grant, HSLPCA helped 43 families in Marble Falls, Burnet and Spicewood receive spay/neuter surgeries and vaccinations for their pets.


         We feel this is a worthwhile program to continue for our community as we discovered that the need is great in our neighborhoods.  We strive to continue to receive funds from our own donor base and other benevolent grantors such as Maddie’s Fund, to whom we are “forever” grateful.


Highland Lakes SPCA Completes Maddie's Innovation Grant

for Sponsored Spay/Neuter for Community Neighbors

by Maggie Jedlicka, Administrator of Maddie's Fund Grant

December 1, 2017.

Highland Lakes SPCA Honors Volunteers

by Martha Norwood, contributor to The Highlander, Marble Falls.

May 26, 2017.

    The staff and board of the Highland Lakes SPCA of Spicewood took the time out to say thanks to all their volunteers. It is easy to say that you can't run this wonderful dog shelter without the help of volunteers, but just saying that hardly describes the appreciation the staff and board have for their helpers.  We know it gets said almost on a daily basis, not only at this shelter, but others as well.  Anyone who tries to run a successful shelter for any type of animal knows you can't do it alone, and you sure can't afford to pay for everything that needs to be done.


Highland Lakes SPCA (HLSPCA) started out with no paid staff and operated that way for many years.  Many of the original volunteers remain today.  When the time came to increase the number of available dogs for adoption and improve the accommodations for the dogs it became clear that there were just not enough volunteers to fill all the needs.  As other shelters in our area will tell you, there is never enough funding to pay for a full staff.  Thank goodness for volunteers everywhere and especially at HLSPCA.  As many of us begin to age out, younger people are always encouraged to join the volunteers.


To properly thank the volunteers, the staff and board prepared a wonderful meal of enchiladas, beans, guacamole, corn dip, rice and an assortment of desserts. I must say that the enchiladas prepared by the staff were absolutely the best I have eaten.  Caressa Gray, Interim Manager for the shelter, remarked that she and her staff wanted the food to be great for the volunteers.  They really succeeded.


Several awards were presented to outstanding volunteers.  Vicki Whitehead, long-time volunteer, received a "top dog" award for her incredible service presenting the dogs at Petsmart and other facilities.  Vicki has never wavered from this responsibility and has been doing this for several years.  Each and every Saturday she rounds up volunteers and takes dogs to show the public.  Her actions have resulted in many adoptions.  She also helps pick out dogs from kill shelters to bring to HLSPCA  and works a shift each week to help out with the dog care.   Bill Lundberg was also honored and has been with HLSPCA since it's inception.  He spends enough hours working at the shelter to be called a full-time employee but receives no pay.  Bill performs duties such as mowing, building pens, facility repair and volunteer training.  He and his wife Ann are extremely generous to HLSPCA as are Vick and her husband Randy.


Maggie Jedlicka presented outgoing president, Randy Whitehead, with a surprise.  Each board member, Debbie Bindseil, Rick Norwood, Marta Norwood, Sharon Jenkins, Vickie Cody and Jeanne Gillen presented Randy with a new golf ball.  Mark Ocker, Cindy Ocker, Jeannette Murphy and Bill Lundberg, all former board members, also came forth with a ball each.  Maggie Jedlicka followed up with two balls.  Each person who presented Randy a golf ball took the time to say a few words.  The problem with these mini speeches is that some of them should not have been repeated.  You can use your imagination here, but all were in good faith and fun.  Randy has service on the board for three years.  New president Sharon Jenkins will begin her tenure this month.

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