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No act of kindness,

No matter how small,

is ever wasted.


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Sponsor a Spay/Neuter

    ...for our Central Texas Community

Reach out to our community by sponsoring the single most important thing we can do to prevent the overcrowding of our local Kill Shelters.


Fund a Spay/Neuter Sponsorship for our neighbors’ pets for whom this service would be cost prohibitive. This nominal donation will help these pets receive this essential surgery, and in many cases, will help our neighbors retain their pets whom otherwise they could not afford.  Working with our fellow non-profit, PetPALS, a local low-cost spay/neuter clinic, we can bring this service to those in need - with pets.



There is no boundary on how much we love our pets no matter where we hail from.  We want to reduce the number of euthanasias at our local Kill Shelters and we want to keep People and Pets together, forever.

We're Better Working Together




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Here’s how it works:  One Spay/Neuter Sponsorship donation is $50. This special fee for those in need covers a Spay/Neuter surgery, regardless of pet size, appropriate pre-op, anesthesia, and post-op care with take-home medicine prescription.  If the pet does not have a current Rabies vaccination, as required by Texas law, your donation will also cover that vaccination.


We want you to know one thing: All of your donation will go to this effort. HLSPCA retains nothing, we don’t want to, this service is too vital.  We know by working together as a community, we can help each other to achieve our goals of zero euthanasia, overcrowding of Kill Shelters and keeping People and Pets together.


FYI:  It’s a Texas two-step process to be confirmed as a candidate to receive your generosity; but no worries, Highland Lakes SPCA and PetPALS will take care of all of that.  PetPALS has been doing this service for a long time, and we know they’re pretty darn good at it; they retain all the final forms and waivers.   HLSPCA holds your sponsorship until our neighbor sounds the call by applying to us first.   See: We Can Help You: Sponsored Spay/Neuter.


Working to make the Highland Lakes Area a Litter Free Zone

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