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To Help Each Other, our Neighbors.

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What You Should Know About The Process...


Be Patient!


This can be a timely process, but worthwhile so you can get your loving pet this essential Spay/Neuter surgery.  It’s important for you to understand that it is very important to us that we ensure our donor’s generosity is being spent wisely.  Once you are past the HLSPCA’s part of validation, then there will be another validation phase by PetPALS.  It will also take time to schedule this service as PetPALS’ doctors perform surgeries about once or twice a month, on a schedule setup by PetPALS.

So again, patience, please!


 We feel that this journey is worthwhile for your pet’s health, well-being and safety.


Your pet must be at least six (6) months of age to qualify.


To Qualify...


To qualify for Highland Lakes SPCA’s Spay/Neuter Sponsorships, pet owners must :


  • Be living in Central Texas / Highland Lakes area, and
  • Present proof of financial need based upon income.


Both HLSPCA and PetPALS both use the federal eligibility guidelines as households that can demonstrate incomes at or below 185 percent of the federal poverty income level. Government programs utilizing this criterion are Medicaid, Medicare, SNAP, and WIC.  Other proof of financial need are demonstrated in participation in low income subsidized housing, or by providing a copy of the first page of the most recent U.S. IRS Tax form.


HLSPCA award will be solely at our discretion when all the components of the application are evaluated.





Do not call us!  We much prefer that you apply online, using this form.

Or, print out this form and mail or email it to us.  (See Contact Us.)

But please, the simplest, fastest and preferred method is online, here.




What Happens Next... We Get To Work...  Please WAIT!

SORRY!  We have no sponsorships available at this time!

Our grant funds have been used up.



Validation is a Texas "Two-Step" Process.


Step One.   We at Highland Lakes SPCA will review your application for:


  1. verification that you are indeed living in the Central Texas / Highland Lakes area,
  2. that all form data is complete,
  3. successfully passed our initial validation of your proof of financial need, and
  4. to see if we have any Spay/Neuter Sponsorships funded at the time of your application.


After we have time to review your application, we will be contacting you as to whether you have been approved to proceed to the Step Two validation with PetPALS.


Step Two.  If you have successfully passed Step One, your application and our Step One approval for funding will be passed to PetPALS.  They will perform their validation as well.  If everything looks good, PetPALS will work with you to schedule the Spay/Neuter surgery.  There will be more information  to gather about your pet, your pet's medical history and vaccination status, amongst other things.


PetPALS will take over from here and our HLSPCA Sponsors will pay for your service.


Don't worry, be patient, we will be contacting you!



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