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We have two types of kennels making up our shelter complex: the Isolation Kennels and the General Population kennels.  Isolation kennels are used for newly admitted dogs to HLSPCA, where they live for a quarantine period until they have been fully examined by our veterinarian and have waited a suitable time to be cleared of communicable disease before transitioning over to the General Population Kennels.  The dogs spend their daytime hours in large outdoor pens, where they can play and run.   At day's end they transition into their designated kennel in the shelter building;  in the morning, they move back outside to start the day's activities. Every kennel has an indoor and an outdoor component; at nighttime they are secured into the indoor section. The kennel is for protection and climate control during hot summer says and cold winter nights.


The kennel also reinforces a daily routine to the dogs:  they spend their sleeping time inside, they play outdoors and have walks during the day, and then at day's end they move back into their kennel.  Reinforcing routine is the groundwork for security and a sense of place, home; it is a building block to trust.  The kennel, although temporary, becomes 'home base' to the dogs.


The kennel's interior, exterior and dog bedding are thoroughly cleaned daily by HLSPCA staff.  Medications and treats are also given in the kennel.  One dog is assigned per kennel; we may have up to 4 dogs that would inhabit a particular kennel over the course of a year.


The cost for the maintenance and upkeep of a kennel is

$1250 annually per resident.





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