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"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."

— Anatole France


"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

Mahatma Gandhi

"I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of a whole human being." ― Abraham Lincoln


At HLSPCA, we appreciate you stepping up to help us out for a very worthwhile cause to rescue homeless dogs in Central Texas.


Apply NOW by simply filling our online volunteer application. Within this application are some questions about your self, your dog interests, some information about us and a waiver form to be signed and witnessed in the presence of our Volunteer Trainer.  Please bring the "Highland Lakes Volunteer Release Form" with you to your first meeting for signature and witness signing.  You can go ahead now and email the first page of this form to us (your information), or print a copy and send it in the mail.  See Contact Us for additional information on how to send this document our way.  We'll be contacting you back very shortly.


CHILDREN and DOGS. Children are VERY important people, to everyone, and we certainly couldn't do our job without you!   We encourage families to come out as a group to help us with our daily dog activities, but we must enforce some age and dog handling restrictions, for the safety of all:


  • 17 and over.    All volunteers handling dogs directly must be 17 years or older, and must undergo Volunteer Training.
  • 12-17.  Children between the ages of 12 and 17, of trained volunteers are encouraged to come out and assist with canine care, under supervision of their parents or legal guardian.  As a part of the Volunteer Application process, parents with children between the ages of  12-17 are required to sign a release waiver to interface with our dogs.
  • Under 12.   We do not permit children under the age of 12 to volunteer in any capacity.
  • HLSPCA reserves the right to refuse or permit dog handling by people under the age of 17 at the sole discretion of our Kennel Manager.


These rules are made for safety and well-being of all!  Your cooperation is appreciated.


Get ready to have a lot of fun for a good cause!



Volunteers see each other all over the ranch doing dog shifts, or at weekly Adoption Events, or having fun at our "Fun-raisers".  But we like to round up all of our volunteers a couple of times a year to update everybody on what's going on and what's coming up.  We usually schedule New Volunteer Orientation every one to two months, or as we have a large enough group to warrant orientation.  Sometimes we might combine our regular volunteer meeting with our new volunteers orientation.


In New Volunteer Orientation, you will be receiving your introduction to the ranch and its personnel with a tour of our buildings and kennel.  Also you will get your Volunteer Handbook and your welcome HLSPCA T-shirt, which we would like you to wear whenever we are out in public representing our organization.  Check out our Calendar to check for  New Volunteer Orientation dates, or Contact Us for more information.





Because we are a canine rescue organization, we feel it's really important that  each volunteer  experience the direct hands-on shelter operation to understand what HLSPCA is  about, how and where the dogs live, meet and get to know our staff and where are volunteer meeting places are located.  To get this experience and to Know Us and what how we live our mission,  HLSPCA requires that every volunteer undergo Volunteer Training at the HLSPCA ranch.  Even though your volunteer activity may be in some other capacity other than directly handling a dog, we still feel it's really important for you to see how it all works.  And who knows, if you weren't thinking you could handle a pup, maybe you'll change your mind, especially when you see the many Ways to Volunteer with a dog.  This experience is a very important way for you to get to Know Us and what our mission is all about.


Volunteer Training entails at minimum a 3-part training session at the ranch.  You will work one-on-one with an HLSPCA Staff Member or our Volunteer Trainer in charge of training new volunteers for the entire session.   The training usually lasts 2-3 hours and we ask you to wear comfortable clothes and sneakers, ready to meet and care for our Available Dogs.   These 3 sessions are scheduled at  times of your convenience and  availability; we are not here to rush you along.


During these sessions, you will become familiar with our Staff Members, our procedures for handling quarantine and general population dogs, feeding, kennel and pen maintenance.  And you can even take a dog on a leased walk around our property.    We will work with you on how we want you to enter and exit a dog pen and kennel.  We will show you basic commands that we all use on a daily basis with our pups.  Some of these activities like feeding, giving medications and kennel cleaning are not performed by our volunteers; but again we feel it's important that you understand how and when these activities take place in case we might ask you to lend a hand.  You will become familiar with the lay of the HLSPCA land, where volunteers check-in, where the water, kitchens and restrooms are located and where the dog activity boards are located.


If you were wanting to partake of a dog shift at the ranch, but were still unsure if you are ready to do it without the direct supervision of our staff, no problem!  We will work with you as many times as it takes for you to feel confident and comfortable with our procedures.   At the conclusion of your New Volunteer Training sessions, you will know all about our operations and how to sign up for volunteer activities at the ranch and beyond.


We are so happy you are here and we will do everything to make you happy with your volunteer experience to become a valued member of our HLSPCA family.







Benefits of being a Highland Lakes SPCA VOLUNTEER!



DOG OBEDIENCE & TRAINING.   HLSPCA works with area trainers to help us out with general obedience of our dogs and occasionally to help us out with those "special" cases that we feel might pose potential challenges to a dog's future family.  Oftentimes these trainers will come out to the ranch to observe and instruct.  As examples, they will walk the kennels and pens to observe a particular dog, give us hands-on instruction of dog commanding and reinforce procedures for entering dog kennels and approaching a dog in general.  When we put the word out, volunteers are encouraged to come for these enrichment sessions, to learn, to reinforce and to bring questions for our regional experts. We find that there is always something to learn that you can apply to your own pup.


TOPICS OF INTEREST. Additionally, we have experts  in other areas come out to the ranch to consult and advise on a variety of subjects.  For instance, with the completion of our new kennel building in June of 2015, we had Texas A&M Forest Service out for a visit to do a wildfire assessment of our location, property and buildings in preparedness for wildfire. Then in September of 2015 Ms. Kari Hines of the Texas A&M Forest Service spent the day with us, walked the property and engaged in general discussion of wildfire protection for landowners of small ranches and estates.  The day was very informative and worthwhile with volunteers in attendance to listen and learn.


Other areas of interest for Volunteer Enrichment would be in native tree preservation and Oak Wilt mitigation,  water catchment systems, fire-wise and xeriscape plant ecology and so much more.   We get a lot of our Enrichment session ideas from our volunteers, so if there's something you're interested in, speak up!  Let us know! We can use this as an opportunity to get together and learn.


We'll put out the word on our Calendar when we have focused experts out to the ranch so any HLSPCA Volunteer can attend.  And if you have any ideas for a Volunteer Enrichment, please Contact Us.







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